What we clean

Nelbud teams are ready nationwide with trained and certified teams to disinfect any interior or exterior space.

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Offices and Schools
Single buildings or entire campuses

Warehouses, assembly lines, and workstations

Housing and Hospitality
Apartments, homes, real estate, and hotels

Restaurants and Retail
Fast food, dine-in spaces, and retail stores

In-patient and out-patient facilities, nursing homes, and first responder vehicles

Office Building Disinfection

Assisted Living Disinfection

Hotel & Hospitality Disinfection

Restaurant Disinfection

How we clean

Through our 40+ years of experience in commercial cleaning, we’ve seen it all–including H1N1 and Influenza outbreaks. We’re the only ISO 9001-certified company in the country, with the equipment, the know-how, and the protection to keep both our team members and our customers safe.

  • Shockwave Fiber Lock Pathogen & Virus Destroyer
    • CDC-approved and EPA-registered on List N
    • Government-registered to kill 99.9% of germs
    • Proven effective against human coronavirus in real-world situations
  • Hot Water Pressure Washing
    • Highly effective for surface disinfection
    • Safe elimination of exterior hazards to protect patrons
    • Powerful solution for large areas such as concrete
  • Total Surface Wipe Down
    • Highly effective manual process
    • Includes equipment, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, and virtually any surface
    • Includes personal belongings on desks in workspaces
  • Disinfecting Foggers
    • ULV cold fogging technology
    • Highly effective for whole-room air and surface disinfection
    • Efficient application for large areas to quickly kill viruses

How we prove you’re clean

Watch us clean

Extra assurance is everything when it comes to virus disinfection. That’s why we set up a virtual system that lets you watch us clean your space and see how we’ve done it. You can even download the video and photos and share them.

Clean Certificate

You’ll receive a proof of service certificate that includes the products and techniques we used to clean your space. Share it with your team and your customers or residents for extra peace of mind.

How can we clean your space?

Specific questions and concerns? We’re ready with the answers. Contact us for a no-risk consultation and to schedule your total disinfection service.

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