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    Exhaust Hood Maintenance & Installation Services

    Bare metal exhaust hood cleaning per NFPA 96 utilizing groundbreaking technology for a transparent service experience.

    Exhaust System Technical Services Including ESP, UV, & PCU system repair.

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    Fire Systems Inspections, Service & Installation

    Inspection, installation, & repair of fire extinguishers, suppression systems, sprinklers, fire alarms, special hazard systems, exit lights, and much more.

    Our transparent inspection and safety process allows us to protect your business from unforeseen life safety issues. Keeping you safe from all fire hazards.

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    Grease Trap Cleaning & Line Jetting Services

    Efficient removal of Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOG) from grease traps inside and outside your building. Proactive grease trap compliance services for Federal & State-regulated code requirements.

    Used in conjunction with our essential grease trap pumping services, we professionally line jet drain lines leading from the grease trap back to the kitchen.

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