Nelbud Fuel Surcharge FAQ

Q: Why is Nelbud adding a fuel surcharge to my invoice?

A: Our current pricing model was based upon $3.00 per gallon of gas.  Recent world events have resulted in fuel costs far exceeding $3.00.


Q: What will the fuel surcharge be and what will it be based upon?

A: The charge will be based upon the most current pricing noted on the US Department of Energy Website that is updated weekly.  The dollar amount of the surcharge will be per invoice and will be based upon the table below.


Q: Is this fuel surcharge permanent?

A:  No, once the average per gallon falls below $3.00 per gallon, this surcharge will be eliminated.


Q:  I am already charged a service charge; isn’t fuel covered in that charge?

A:  Existing service charges cover a number of costs such as cleaning materials, plastic to protect equipment for Kitchen Exhaust cleaning, and fuel but up to $2.70 per gallon.


Q: I just received a price increase earlier this year, why am I now receiving a new fuel surcharge?

A:  The price increase implemented in January was in response to inflationary pressures the company experienced the prior year, especially in Q3 and Q4.  Cost of materials, labor, and insurance for example all increased between 5% – 20% in that time period.  This fuel surcharge is in response to the dramatic increase in fuel costs across the country the past 90-days.


Q : Can I expect additional price increases or additional service charges in the future?

A : We are working hard to contain costs without sacrificing the level of service you expect.  However, in this period of increasing inflation, if events warrant, we will provide notice of any new service charges or price increases.