Grease Trap Cleaning—We’ll do the dirty work.

A clogged grease trap is a hazard, but cleaning one is a hassle. Protect your business and your investment with Nelbud’s quick and effective grease trap services.

When a commercial kitchen has a dirty grease trap, it is not just a hygienic hazard. A dirty grease trap can leak dangerous solids into city sewer systems, and your business could be liable for any damages.

Nelbud’s approach to grease trap services will clean your grease trap from top to bottom, ensuring that your kitchen is environmentally responsible and efficient. We never cut corners when it comes to our services and your kitchen needs.

We will pump, drain, and clean your grease trap from top to bottom and then our certified technicians will haul the waste away.

This Service Includes
  • Service Guarantee
  • Real Time Service Call Updates
  • Customer Portal Access
  • Online Tracking and Bill Payment
  • Dedicated Support Representative
  • Fully Licensed Waste Hauling
  • Top to Bottom Cleaning
  • FOG Reporting
  • Dynamic Service Portal
Emergency Service
  • 24 hours, 7 days a Week, 365 Days a Year
  • After Hours Technician Will Always Answer the Phone
Nelbud Services

Nelbud’s Dynamic
Service Portal

Nelbud Services takes compliance very seriously and believes that transparency is important to building long standing relationships with our customers. Our Dynamic Service Portal gives instant Access, Insight, and Visibility to all the services that we provide. Our one of a kind service portal allows us to uniquely interact with your facility. We keep track of all your fire protection assets and make that data available anytime anywhere via the cloud.

Nelbud’s 360 Solution to Wastewater and Grease Trap Servicing

Top to Bottom Cleaning

While some companies only skim the top of the grease interceptors, our standards are higher. We completely pump from bottom to top, leaving the grease trap completely empty so that it is working at full capacity.

Fully Licensed Waste Hauler

Nelbud Services Group is a fully licensed waste hauler. The grease, wastewater, and solids that are collected when we clean your grease trap are transported and disposed of according to all federal and state guidelines to put your mind at ease.

FOG Reporting

Proper grease trap cleaning doesn’t stop with scrubbing. We will complete and file the EPA’s fatty oils and grease (FOG) pump out report to ensure that your facility is in compliance at all times.

We Love What We Do

We know you will, too. By leveraging technology and the talents of our world-class staff we are changing the way that people interact, manage, and think about hood cleaning, fire protection, grease trap, and hood repair services.


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