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    We have an “open service” model to support you.

    Virus Killing Chemical: EPA-registered agents with efficacy measured to a 99.99% kill rate
    Surface Cleaning: Effective upon all solid surfaces
    Hot Water Pressure Washing: Primary debris removal thereby depriving the contaminant of medium upon which to feed and thrive.
    Fogging: Atomized delivery to efficiently address any and all surfaces upon which aerosol contaminants might settle
    Proper Precautions: Full PPE protection for our trained technicians
    ISO 9001:2015: Certified to ensure compliance
    World Class Training: Highly trained technicians

    We are modernizing Coronavirus disinfection services. We want to partner with you in this rare opportunity to restart with a “clean” facility. Our industry-first online customer portal, as well innovative communication platforms, are giving our customers 24/7 access to the resources they need, when they need them. We offer quality services for your kitchen and facility with the ability to verify compliance at your fingertips. We work the way that you work. That’s revolutionary.