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Our Revolutionary Approach

We are modernizing Fire Protection, Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning, Grease Trap Services, & Coronavirus Disinfection. We want to partner with you in this rare opportunity to restart with a “clean” house. Our industry-first online customer portal, as well innovative communication platforms, are giving our customers 24/7 access to the resources they need, when they need them. We offer quality services for your kitchen with the ability to verify compliance at your fingertips. We work the way that you work. That’s revolutionary.

Fire Protection & Suppression Systems

Every kitchen is unique and susceptible to fire. Nelbud’s comprehensive fire protection and suppression service is designed to meet your specific needs. Our fire protection services include inspections, installation, and repair of kitchen suppression, fire extinguisher, and exit light systems. We also provide services related to sprinklers, fire alarms, special hazard systems, and much more.

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Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Fifty-five percent of all restaurant fires start in the kitchen. Reduce your risk with a professional hood cleaning from Nelbud. Nelbud is a member of IKECA and puts all service technicians through a rigorous training program. That’s every crew, every time. We ensure that your kitchen is in strict compliance with NFPA 96 (National Fire Protection Association). If your exhaust system was not cleaned to bare metal, it was not cleaned by Nelbud.

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Hood System Repair

For responsive, exceptional commercial kitchen exhaust system maintenance, repair, and installation, choose the professionals with a 36-year record of success. Our qualified technicians are certified to service every manufacturer of specialized kitchen exhaust system equipment, including pollution control units, UV systems, pre-engineered hood washing systems, filtration technologies, and much more. Some of the most prominent and largest restaurants, sports facilities, and casinos in America turn to Nelbud every day to help keep their kitchens running and safe.

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Grease Trap Cleaning & Line Jetting Services

A regularly cleaned grease trap is vital to your business. Foul odors can turn customers away. Violating state and federal code can be costly. We go deeper than others to remove the fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from your traps inside and outside your facility, ensuring regulatory compliance. As an added layer of protection, we routinely use our unique line jetting process to scour your lines up to 200 feet to cut through hidden debris.

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Coronavirus Disinfection

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Virus Killing Chemical: EPA-registered agents with efficacy measured to a 99.99% kill rate
Surface Cleaning: Effective upon all solid surfaces
Hot Water Pressure Washing: Primary debris removal thereby depriving the contaminant of medium upon which to feed and thrive
Fogging: Atomized delivery to efficiently address any and all surfaces upon which aerosol contaminants might settle

We have pivoted to an “Open Service” model to enhance our ability to support you.
Given our maintenance experience upon food service production platforms of all sizes, modes and, concentrations, no service provider is better positioned to meet this need over a larger geographic area.

We are committed to meeting your environmental and personal safety needs while continuing as your life safety partner. We are prepared to bring what we have learned from almost 40 years of past experiences with other public health threats like Legionnaire’s Disease and Sick Building Syndrome to mobilize and help you to meet your public responsibility.

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Our Locations

Nelbud services the following areas from strategically located service centers. That enables us to protect your business with faster service.


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We know you will, too. By leveraging technology and the talents of our world-class staff we are changing the way that people interact, manage, and think about hood cleaning, fire protection, grease trap, and hood repair services.