Detect a Potential Fire Before Your Fire Suppression System Activates

Halton FireWatch from Nelbud is easily retrofitted to existing exhaust hoods and consists of temperature sensors to continually monitor exhaust plenum temperatures for abnormalities that are a precursor to a fire event. The system will alert the user of conditions that increase the likelihood of a fire and prompt you to take action before the discharge of the fire suppression system.

When an alarm is triggered, touchscreen and visual indicator alerts the user to the event and the necessary actions to take to avoid a shutdown of equipment or reset if necessary.

Users can manually restore power on site. Instructions explaining why power is disconnected, and how to restore power are shown on the touch screen. Both power disconnection and manual power restore events are recorded locally at the controller level and on the cloud.

Power can be restored manually when alarm conditions are cleared. (if so equipped)

Providing peace of mind for your food service facility!

Halton FireWatch
  • Cloud based data for insurance companies

  • Allows for intervention to reduce risk of fire starting

  • Avoid costly shut down and revenue loss from  fire system discharge

  • Potential for insurance premium reduction

  • Monitoring and data backup services, free for the 1st year of use

  • Fully customized system fitting your needs and wants when paired with Edge device add-on

Halton FireWatch, provides a critical layer of monitoring to mitigate fire risk

Halton FireWatch is a 24/7 electronic fire warning system with data backup. It monitors hood plenum exhaust temperature. When an anomaly is detected, a local two stage warning is initiated.

The system continuously monitors exhaust plenum temperatures.

Stage 1

A visual indicator at hood and touch screen.

  • Allows for intervention by kitchen staff to address alarm

Stage 2

If the warning is not acted upon, both an audible and visual alarm are activated, the fuel source is shut off to the appliances. (Equipment should be manually turned off or if equipped with optional Equipment Shut Down feature, the system will automatically shut off appliances)

  • A quick reset of appliances once the dangerous conditions are cleared.

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