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Pollution Control System Services

 No matter which technology you employ in the management of the quality of the effluent from your cooking operations, Nelbud is here to meet your service, maintenance and repair needs as the manufacturer’s trained, qualified and, certified representative.

Whether you rely upon, electrostatic precipitation, baffle filters, moisture separators, particulate collection, ultra violet (UV) light, odor control mist, carbon, activated charcoal, magnesium permanganate, HEPA filtration or ozone generators, no one is better suited to keep your equipment operating to the standard that you sought when you installed it.

From simple pleated filters, to the newest in hybrid filtration technologies, Nelbud is your best choice for keeping your Air Pollution Unit (APU) operating at the highest level of performance.



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What Our Clients Say

Nelbud was instrumental in evaluating the exhaust hood systems, while the hotel was still in the construction phase. After reviewing drawings and walking the actual areas, Nelbuld pointed out both safety and service issues, made recommendations and offered solutions, which were implemented, making safety and service entry a non-issue. Nelbud has been servicing the hotel for over two years now. I would highly recommend Nelbud to anyone looking for true professionals, who provide quality and reliable service and are in the business to make you shine.

Dennis W. Nelson - Director of Property Operations
Hilton Baltimore