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Commonly Asked Questions about Nelbud
Why do I need Nelbud?

You need to fulfill your operating responsibility to Public safety and Fire Safety. There is a stark difference between the fulfillment of your responsibility and simply finding a vendor that will tell you what you wish to hear while not providing any tangible assurance of results. Nelbud represents the difference between merely going through the motions and actually achieving validated results. That is why you need Nelbud.

Does Nelbud offer services in my area?
Our service areas include Virginia, D.C., Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and portions of Eastern New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. Call us today for a complementary survey of your system.
I don’t have time to ensure my Grease Exhaust System is clean. What assurance do I have that Nelbud will do the work?
Digital photos of your entire grease exhaust system are taken after the cleaning process. These photos can be made available for you to view at any time from the convenience of your own computer.
What training does Nelbud provide its employees to ensure my Grease Exhaust System is properly cleaned and maintained?
Nelbud provides superior industry related and job safety education for all our technicians. Moreover, our technicians maintain the appropriate certifications from industry organizations such as IKECA, to areas with expanded regulations such as Massachusetts and New York.
Does Nelbud service Pollution Control Units?
Yes! Nelbud employs certified service technicians qualified to service and maintain all major engineered ventilators including Caddy, Captive Aire, Gaylord, Smog Hog, Vent Master, Air Scrubbers, Trion, and more...
How much does Nelbud charge for a Hood Cleaning?

Nelbud performs complete grease exhaust cleaning to include hoods, ducts, filters, and fans. There is not a standard price for this service as price and frequency of cleaning depend on several factors which include, grease accumulation within your system, the type of cooking equipment, volume, menu, and finally the size and configuration of your grease exhaust system.

Can Nelbud install Access Panels?
Yes. Our technicians are trained to manufacturers standards in the proper installation of UL Listed assemblies.
Can Nelbud help me with Rooftop Grease?
Yes, no matter what type of roof or the type of cooking, Nelbud has a rooftop containment system, UL Listed, to meet your need.
Can Nelbud help me with Fire Safety Education?
Yes. For small or large groups Nelbud is the true leader in education relative to grease exhaust system fire safety and compliance with current NFPA & IMC Standards.
Is Nelbud a Certified Manufacturers Service Agent?

Yes, Nelbud is certified by ALL major manufacturers of pre-engineered hood wash, water based fire suppression and pollution control systems.

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What Our Clients Say

Nelbud was instrumental in evaluating the exhaust hood systems, while the hotel was still in the construction phase. After reviewing drawings and walking the actual areas, Nelbuld pointed out both safety and service issues, made recommendations and offered solutions, which were implemented, making safety and service entry a non-issue. Nelbud has been servicing the hotel for over two years now. I would highly recommend Nelbud to anyone looking for true professionals, who provide quality and reliable service and are in the business to make you shine.

Dennis W. Nelson - Director of Property Operations
Hilton Baltimore