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Exclusive Proprietary Service

 All of the services provided by Nelbud are provided exclusively by our own employees.We DO NOT subcontract to others.

This approach gives you the assurance that every service technician that visits your facility has benefitted from the same rigorous training, employs the same methods, answers to the same authority and, achieves the same results.

Further, all of our technicians are dispatched from a suitable commercial facility in your local area. If you wouldn’t serve someone else’s food in your restaurant, don’t settle for someone else’s effort in the achievement of safety for yourself, your patrons, or, your team members.

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What Our Clients Say

Nelbud was instrumental in evaluating the exhaust hood systems, while the hotel was still in the construction phase. After reviewing drawings and walking the actual areas, Nelbuld pointed out both safety and service issues, made recommendations and offered solutions, which were implemented, making safety and service entry a non-issue. Nelbud has been servicing the hotel for over two years now. I would highly recommend Nelbud to anyone looking for true professionals, who provide quality and reliable service and are in the business to make you shine.

Dennis W. Nelson - Director of Property Operations
Hilton Baltimore